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My new stamp library …

13 Jun

Today is the day to rejoice!! Thank goodness – my month-long project to reorganize my stamp collection is finally done. What a relief! I thought I’d never get it done – it was a long arduous journey where I almost gave up a few times.

Anyway – here is how I would find my stamps.

1) Look in my stamp inventory binder where there are 7 categories

  • Alphabets (letters, numbers, punctuations)
  • Celebration (birthday, new house, new baby, graduation, wedding)
  • Design (flourishes, texture, backgrounds, borders, tags)
  • Holiday (X’mas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween, 4th July)
  • Misc objects (collage, objects)
  • Nature (flowers, leaves, animals, critters)
  • People (here is where I put my magnolia stamps and images of people)
  • Sentiment (text, greetings, dates)

2)Each category correspond to a box of stamps. (e.g. “Design” category has a “Design” box, “Celebration” category has a “celebration” box etc.)

3) If I’m looking for a specific stamp (say invitations), I look in the “Celebration” category in my binder

– where I will find “invitation”. Flipping to my “invitation” page on my binder, I find all my “invitation”  images. This way, I only need to work with a binder on my craft table.

4) When I have found the image I need in the binder, I look into the boxes for the exact CD cases they are stored in.

When I buy more stamps (which we all know will happen), I just add it to the corresponding box & the corresponding category in my binder. Or if I happen to buy a stamp that I need to create a new category for, I just create a new box & a new corresponding category in my binder.

I hope this system works for a while because I’m not looking forward to recreating the whole system for a while.

Have a great day!


My stamp organization

31 May

Good morning friends,

A few of you have asked about my progress with my stamp organization that I started a few post back.

The bad news – it is not completed yet; the good news – I made progress.

The bad news – it’s a slow and painstaking process; the good news – I found out that I have about close to 150 sets of stamps

The bad news – I had to cut them all apart to fit them into CD cases; the good news – by separating them from their original sets, I am not locked into a specific way to use them and I am using each of them more.

Enough of my ramblings … here are my work-in-progress pictures.

I have taken them out of their plastic sheets they came in and put each image into their CD cases;

labelled the CD cases,

and they all go into boxes I bought from Ikea sorted by categories. I have created 7 categories:

1) Alphabets (letters, numbers, punctuations)

2) Celebration (birthday, new house, new baby, graduation, wedding)

3) Design (flourishes, texture, backgrounds, borders, tags)

4) Holiday (x’mas, easter, valetines, halloween, 4th july)

5) Misc objects (collage, objects)

6) Nature (flowers, leaves, animals, critters)

7) People (here is where I put my magnolia stamps and images of people)

8) Sentiment (text, greetings, dates)

There are some stamps that would fall into more than 1 category – I put those in the category I would most likely use/find them.

Here is where they sit in on my closet.

My  next step is to label those boxes and create an inventory binder of all my stamps so I can find them in the boxes.

I can’t wait to finish this project … meanwhile, celebrate your little successes!

Change is good, right?

23 May

You may have noticed that I have been making little changes to the design of my blog every so often. But today, I have hit the mother load of change – I’ve changed the entire hosting domain of my blog. From Blogger to WordPress. Apparently, Daniel, my technology GURU, thinks Blogger is not “powerful and versatile” enough so I have to go to a “better” one – solely his opinion, but after the blogger outage last week, I am inclined to agree.

Anyhow, you will be getting a new invite to follow me on my new blog address … sorry about the inconvenience. But please continue to subscribe to my blog. I very much appreciate your support of my creative journey.

And to welcome you to my new blog space. Here is a card for you.

Enjoy …. and 3 more days to my Copic certification class!! I’m excited beyond words.

Happy Mother’s Day

8 May

Welcome and Happy Mother’s Day! Today is one of the rare days I get so much time to myself to play in my craft room – thanks to the cooperation of my husband and children. So here is one of my favorite Mother’s Day card I made to share.

To create the background, I used Impression Obsession Cover-A-Card Tapestry, embossed with Ranger Ink black embossing powder and inked it with Tsukineko VersaColor Ultimate Pigment Ink – canary, scarlet and orange.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Please make sure you’re are following my blog to get regular updates.

Challenges entered:
ABC DT challenge

A Beginning …

8 May

I have been assimilated by the Blog Borg. . . Resistance was futile! I will try blogging for a month; if I keep up with it, I may just keep going. I will ramble about stamping, scrapbooking, paper crafting and all thing hobbies for the most part. But I am quite sure that my adventures as a mom with 2 kids, 5 and under, will crop up occasionally as well. I have three more week before preschool ends  — just enough time (I hope) to organize my craft room and I sure am looking forward to the Copic Certification class that I am attending in 2 weeks…woohooo!!! Did I mentioned I’m obsessed with Copic Markers too?? – 144 sketches and counting.